Concept Holistic Health P/L is closed as of the 15th December 2016

Due to family reasons (Christine’s mum has started dementia faster than we expected) Martin and Christine feels that we are needed to support her mum in her old age.

After extensive searching I reconnected with a great fully qualified Naturopath with many years of experience. She can assist you with all your maintenance orders and first aid regime for the best retail prices!

Her name is Anthea Sandalis, her email is and her phone number is 0490 199 604.

If needed she will be additionally available for a 5 minute telephone consult, for free.

So I am very happy and relieved to recommend her to assist your health in the future in my style of practice.

We will dearly miss all our clients. Lots of you became friends as well and we thank you for your ongoing support over all those years. We enjoyed with you a warm and loyal working relationship and felt privileged that you trusted us being part of your journey through life with your health concerns.

We thank you sincerely and will miss you all and our work very much.

Our lives will revolve now around our ageing family members in Germany, a new chapter will begin where new doors will open.

Thank you again for your kindness and support over the last 30 years.

Warmest wishes

Christine and Martin